White Like Me is a weekly group of white men who gather for guided conversations, in a safe space, on topics within and around diversity, equity and inclusion.

This is not a space for judgement, but rather for conversation.

Whiteness was explicitly created to divide people; we practice being able to see ourselves, and others, better.

Five seats are available per session @ $15 per seat.

Nine sessions per week.

Session Schedule

  1. Session Intro
    5 minutes
  2. Individual Intros
    10 minutes
  3. Open Conversation
    25 minutes
  4. Case Study / Current Event
    20 minutes
  5. Open Conversation
    25 minutes

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Who is Canin ?

Canin was born an orphan named Carlos.

Then by luck of the draw, he was sent to one of the best college preparatory schools in the United States.

Twenty years later the experiences have been harvested and processed, ready to be shared.

Canin helps participants unlock the doors within their own worlds, to participate in the global community more confidently and compassionately.

Through individual and group conversation, we uncover the themes moving beneath the roots of our experiences and perceptions.

By confronting these conversations with patience and precision, we are then enabled to begin making adjustments in our own lives to more closely align our thought, and behavior, with our values.

White Like Me is designed to be a support group for white males, not because the identity is under attack; but because it needs to transform.

I've found a way to do just that, and I'd like to share it with you.


We talk

We dedicate time for these conversations; each session is 90 minutes.

We acclimate ourselves to the discomfort, within a safe space, surrounded by peers.

Together we navitate these conversations and hone our individual comprehension.

Material Introduction

Through case studies, and reflections on current events, we will draw on academic, scientific and data-backed resources, to help navigate our conversations.

As while much of the work necessary is abract, and very individual; it is not beyond the ability to structure.

Below is the shadow of the structure, and strategy, that inspired White Like Me.

Failure of Nerve, helps us to learn that leadership is not about traits, or skills, but rather the emotional process of regulating one's own anxiet[ies], and biases.

It is for this reason that we dedicate our time to acclimating ourselves to our own discomfort by exploring these conversations in a safe space, surrounded by empathetic friends.

And so we dig into the heart of our conversation by Unpacking the Invisible Knapsack of White Privilege.

Here we get into the gritty details that can differentiate our individual experiences.

By availing ourselves of these nuances and details we can better prepare ourselves for all else that we may not know!

Next we will open our minds, and dreams, through the exploration of a poem entitled Poem for the Young White Man Who Asked Me How I, an Intelligent, Well-Read Person, Could Believe in the War Between Races.

Art is so often a reflection of, or response to, the world around us.

How a picture can paint a thousand words.

What else can we learn from the music and art around us?

And finally, we can look at ourselves through the lens of Rudyard Kipling's poem, If.

While the author was far from perfect, he does outline a series of lessons to learn, if we are to weather the storms ahead ...

No, seriously ... Who is Canin ?

After graduating from Orono High School in Minnesota, I attended the University of Minnesota; I have yet to graduate.

Though after about a decade they told me that I needed to figure out a degree and complete it.

Over the years I'd taken courses in Psychology, Sociology, Anthropology, Linguistics, Organizational Development and more; finally landing on a Bachelor of Individualized Studies; focusing on Economics, Statistics and Communitications.

I have 18 credits left to finish the degree.

Here's my LinkedIn.

About five years ago, I finally returned to my country of birth, Colombia.

Here' I've had another set of experiences which have prepared me for the task upon which I now embark.

Helping white men access their latent potential to be the heroes we all seek to be.

Rivers and seas are rulers
of the streams of hundreds of valleys
because of the power of their low position.

~ Lao Tzu
Tao Te Ching

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